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Contextual advertising in Google

Why do we need contextual advertising in Google AdWords and how does it work?

Google search is the most popular in Ukraine, and if you need to increase the number of visitors of your website, and sales grows, the contextual advertising of the website in conjunction with other promotional activities will give tangible results. Contextual advertising means the ad units, which are formed based on search queries entered by the users into the search field. In addition to advertising in the search services, Google AdWords offers the placement of banners on websites with related topics. Let’s say, your company manufactures cabinet furniture, the ads will be posted on the website on renovation and design of the apartment. By clicking on the ad unit, the user gets to your website. The advantage of Google AdWords advertising is the ability to choose the format. Thus, it can be a text, a banner (the interactive banners), or in the format of a video.

What do we offer?:

Development of advertising campaigns with Google AdWords involves several steps:

  1. definition of goals and objectives of the campaign. For example, increasing brand awareness, increasing traffic to the website;
  2. drafting of the initial list of keywords relevant to the topic of the site, so users can find your website. Sometimes it’s necessary to expand and clarify the list using different word forms synonyms, and even typos;
  3. preparation of announcements is the most important stage, because the ad should touch the user up to click on the banner and go to your website;
  4. analysis of the conversion is actually the result of an advertising campaign that can be expressed in page views, purchases, online registrations etc.

It uses Google Analytics. You will always be aware of the success of your campaign, and specialists will continue to optimizing it. It’s necessary to mention, that usually contextual advertising in Google is a lot cheaper than in other search engines. In addition, Google allows you to choose (to target days when the ad is shown, city, country time and desired audience. Price depends on the features of your website, the level of competition and the size of advertising message.

In our company, you can also order the contextual advertising in Yandex.