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Informational and technical support of websites

Support of websites. Everything's under control

Any project requires constant attention. Everything must work well, without failure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will be the key to successful development and operation. This rule can be fully applied to any site, especially to commercial one.

Internet is a very active sphere. Here you can face problems with hosting, hacker attacks, accidental mistakes in the program part of the site. All these points should be prevented in time, and fixed in case of a site failure. That's why there is such a service of web-companies called "website support". It consists of actions aiming the following:

  • control of the website operation stability
  • project development
  • timely update of the site
  • fixing of all the upcoming problems

What does the site support consist of?

The support of a website consists of several actions:

  1. Technical website support. It is the complex of actions, which allow to control the work of the website, protect it from hacker attacks, viruses, break-ins and long malfunctions. If necessary, new modules and pages can be added.
  2. Informational site support. Writing and filling the site with the quality content: texts, articles and blogs, news, goods description, pictures, etc. All of these makes your site interesting for the user and contributes to its successful promotion.
  3. Graphic support. This work is associated with minor design changes. You can add new fonts, icons, banners, etc. Your site will always remain attractive and relevant.

The cost on site support depends on many factors- the complexity of the problem, time spent on its fixing, amount of work etc. In LynxWeb we are always ready to provide all the range of services, which will guarantee stable functioning of your site, brining benefit to your users and profit to you.