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Keywords promotion

To make SEO-optimization, first of all it’s necessary to start with promotion according the words

This method of site promotion on the Internet implies a comprehensive website promotion and is often used. This method is about promotion of the website in the Top-10 search engines. It can be explained with the following: the user knows what he is looking for and focuses on the first few links in the results which appear. Thus, if you want more visitors to your site, this way of search engine optimization is the proper one.

What is the principle of this method.

The first stage of the comprehensive website promotion is complex analysis of the search queries related to the theme of your site, specifically its popularity. Then the list of keywords for which your website will be shown at the top of the search results, is created. A simple example: the doors market is almost full, and sometimes it’s quite difficult to choose the wording that would be unique to your website. If you sell the doors of eco- materials, or from an exotic country, it will be faster and easier to enter the top of search results. In summary, the main promotion by words features are the following:

  1. is suitable for competitor queries, are unusual, rare. Using such requests, you will attract only the target audience;
  2. problems may arise mainly in two cases: if there is high competition in your field, and if there are too many words in the key request.

Prices for comprehensive website promotion depend on several factors: the age of the site, whether such promotion has been made earlier or not and the technical website characteristics.

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