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Traffic promotion

Our company will assist you in increasing the number of unique visitors of your site

Website Promotion by Traffic is a very important stage of online project promotion.

For many people the phrase “website promotion by traffic” may sound rather vague, but using simple examples we’ll try to explain how it works and what the advantages of this particular service are.

Traffic – the number of unique visitors who have entered the site. Accordingly, if your goal is to make more people visit your website, or you are engaged in online sales, the promotion by traffic is just for you.

How does the promotion by traffic work?

How can we attract the maximum number of visitors? Promoting e-shop by traffic is a complex process, it consists of several stages. First you decide who will be your target audience. In our case it is visitors with the so-called informational or transactional motives of search engines usage. Based on this, we determine the appropriate type of content, optimize the website and fill it with content hoping to attract visitors.

Online store promotion involves deep analysis of competitors it includes tracking of paid links, texts and occupancy of organization website. On the basis of internal optimization of your project or emphasis on the weaknesses of competitors (usually two or three of the largest companies in the market in your field) we develop a unique concept, which fully distinguishes you against other sites of this kind.

Thus, the online stores promotion is carried out by us in four areas: the selection of keyword queries, contextual advertising, paid links, advertising on social networks.

In our company, you can also order the contextual advertising in Google