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Copywriting and rewriting. Writing of the texts, which can bring profit

It seems, that nowadays everybody understands, how important are texts and articles for the development of any website. In the early days of the Internet, texts on the sites were a rambling flow of keywords, only occasionally - several informative lines. Today, writing texts on the site requires that the copywriter has almost journalist skills. If you are serious about making your site really a working tool and authoritative resource, without help of professionals you can not do.

Copywritingtoday is not only making the advertisement network. It it includes the creation of capacious and competent descriptions of goods basing on technical characteristics , descriptions of the site categories, creation of news, professional reviews of goods and services.

How should the text on your site look like?

It's not allowed just to copy texts from other sites, you should not also make rewriting of such texts as search engines are very strict about quality and originality of site content.

Seo-copywriting is writing articles for the main pages of the site. For this purpose the key words chosen by the set-specialist are used. There are many rules here. First of all, the text must be unique. The uniqueness is checked with the help of special programs, for example Advego and content-watch. They are not always quite objective, but can show how the search engine will accept the text. Secondly, the text should contain certain amount of key words, so the search engine sees them, but does not consider it as spam. Sure, it should be interesting and useful for the user.

Our studio employs professional copywriters with profile philology and journalism education, who will help you fill your resource with quality and interesting content.