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A comprehensive work, aiming to improve all the components of an effective website. This way we increase your site's ranking in search results thus attracting potential customers

SEO optimization – the basis for successful business on the Internet

Promotion is the basis for successful business on the Internet has already become our present. Let’s say, you already have a website (or you’re just having in plans to purchase one), but you are not quite sure what to do after that, so it’s time for you to get to know how the website promotion system works. It is also called SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization). It is a set of sequential actions which aim improvement of the website according to the sphere itself.

What do we start the promotion of the site with? What can we suggest?

Analysis of the site

SEO Audit starting from the technical characteristics of the resource to its content. Also, this stage includes correction of mistakes, if necessary.

Competitor Analysis. If you are interested in promotion of your site in Kyiv, Moscow or some other cities and parts of the world, you definitely need the analysis of the market and competitors and then the necessary model of the search optimization is chosen, so that your project would have a successful place in the necessary niche.

How to chose the model of optimization and types of advertisement. As soon as the inner search optimization for the site is finished, further, according to the sphere, the necessary model of site promotion in the search engines is chosen. It can be different types of advertising on the Internet (in particular, contextual advertising), the optimization search queries, etc.

Inner optimization

Inner optimization – is the set of methods and tools which allow to change site from inside according to the requirements of search engines. The main objective in this case - to make the site as much as possible relevant to queries, according to which the promotion is conducted.

External promotion

External website promotionis done in order to enhance the credibility of the resource in terms of search engines. The site is considered to be more credible, the higher position is can take. For this purpose different external resources are used, for example location of articles on other sites.

To settle the site in TOP 3/5/10 according to the required key words we suggest the following services:

  • placement of external links to resources with relevant topics;
  • publication of advertisements and articles on the boards, in the catalogs;
  • publication of interesting and unique articles and unique articles about the company and its activity with the links on the promoted site;
  • purchasing of context advertisement.
Analytics and monitoring

Web-analytics is a set of tools which allow to gather and analyze information about how often, in what time the site is visited. This information is very important for site optimization, increasing the amount of its functions and building the strategy of promotion. The main goal of analytics - monitoring of attendance, which identifies the target Web audience and study its behavior- the mostly visited pages, how much time users spend there etc.


Now you would like to ask how long it will take till SEO- promotion brings the expected result or profit. Of course, there cannot be one universal answer. Search engine optimization and SEO services is a complex process that depends not only on the work of experts, but also on how old the site itself is, whether it was engaged in professional SEO optimization earlier, and how long the internal website optimization and bug fixing will take. Usually we guarantee that within three or four months a qualified and affordable optimization and promotion of website will yield a positive result increased profit or attendance, depending on the direction of your work.


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