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website development
If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business

Bill Gates

What you need to know before ordering custom web design services?

Nowadays, there is hardly a man who would have never committed Internet purchases or would have not ordered any services. However, this rule can be applied to any information field – everything is focused on the World Wide Web, and that’s a fact. That is why if you are seriously thinking about how to improve your business, or expand it to increase sales, then You simply cannot do without your site. If you still have not experienced this, we will be happy to answer all your questions

Promo site

Business card company that helps to express themselves, to inform business partners and interested clients necessary

Corporate site

This is an opportunity to express themselves, their services and products. The site will serve as a full-fledged tool for doing business on the Internet


Marketplace on the Internet, through which the implementation of all kinds of goods and services via the Internet

Individual solution

Atypical sites of any complexity, which are developed in accordance with creative ideas, wishes and needs of the reserve

Few simple tips on how to order a site

Before you turn to the experts of a custom web design and development company, you need to formulate the main purpose of the existence of your site, its specific tasks. Having at least a basic understanding of this, it will be much easier to explain exactly what you want.

It is also important that you at least have some idea of how the site should look. Individual style - is 50% success of online project. If you are just starting out in the Internet space, you can order a website with a standard design. However, the standard template does not mean obscure and uninteresting site. These resources are also attractive, functional and convenient.


Projection of the site is necessary for the effective achievement of your business goals, so the site was original and convenient. Before starting the work, our team does a row of actions: analyses strategic goals of the site, researches information about the business, does segmentation of target audience and its demands, makes analysis of competitors and their activity and also we make analysis of the sites, which are close in design and functions. Further, on the basis of all the data and customer's requirements, we prepare Statement of work, where we describe main goals of future project, it's functions. Also, it includes the layouts of future pages for the design. Such detailed description is very important as all the future works on the site ( design, layout, programming and testing) are based on the Statement of work.


After the statement of work is confirmed with the customer, the design specialist starts working on the project, taking into consideration all the customer's requirements. He studies the target audience, develops the style of the site, its text and visual concept. The most important issue about the site is its usability- to make the site convenient for the users.


When we have the confirmed model of the site design, we start the new stage of site creation. The main task of making the layout is to make sure the site is correctly shown in all the popular browsers and the main kinds of mobile devices with different screens. This is a kind of installation or formation of web pages.


The next stage of site development is its programming, using special programming codes. On this stage the site becomes "alive", we can see dynamics, all functions start working. Before working on the code, our programmers take into consideration all recommendations of the Seo- specialists. Also, all recommendations of search engines regarding the safety of the sites from various cracks are considered. At the end we get correct, well-developed and protected website.

Testing and quality control

Final stage. Before you see the result of our work, we test the project. We make the quality control of the created site, we are looking for possible mistakes. If they are found, we correct them right away. Testing as a final stage of website creation guarantees high quality and proves that this project will be able to fulfill your business goals. After that the site is tested by the customer, accepted, moved to the permanent domain name and it starts operating. Our company gives three months of warranty on sites. If the customer faces any mistakes within this period, they will be corrected right away and for free.

Where does the cost of site development come from?

You are most likely interested of what he cost of your project consists of, if you order the site in Kiev. This sum is influenced by several factors. Firstly, the complexity of the site itself, its functionality. Secondly, it's design. Thirdly, the amount of information it will contain. Fourthly, money spent on technical issues ( domain name and place on the server). Though, the site development is only half of success. Further we will face accurate work on its promotion, which is not less important.